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I am not afraid to take on insurance companies when they delay or refuse to pay appropriate insurance claims. Bad-faith insurance disputes result when an insurance company wrongfully denies a claim.  Whether you were denied an auto insurance claim or a health insurance claim, I can help. If you believe your insurance provider has acted in bad faith, I can investigate the circumstances of the delay or claim denial and get you the benefits for which you have paid your premiums. You may also be entitled to punitive damages for wrongful actions by your insurance company.

Insurance companies give a wide variety of excuses for refusing or delaying insurance payment:

  • The paperwork was filed incorrectly or in an untimely manner
  • The policy doesn't offer the protection for the claim
  • The adjuster thinks your claim is worth less than what it actually is
  • There was not enough evidence to support the claim
  • The accident victim failed to notify the insurance company of the accident or health concern within a specified period
  • The insurance policy lapsed
  • The amount of the claim exceeds what is allowed to you through the policy

While some of these may be valid, it is no secret that insurance companies often deny legitimate claims outright just to make a profit. This is simply wrong. I am not afraid to take on the large insurance companies in order to protect your rights. I will even take an insurance company to trial if it means reversing their denial decision and collecting the benefits for which you paid.

Another story is in order. A young boy, only 10 years old, was tragically killed while riding as a passenger on an ATV driven by another. The insurance company for the at-fault driver of the ATV refused to pay the small liability insurance limits of $25,000 to the family of the young boy. 

The family sought out my assistance. The family wasn’t interested in the money, but simply wanted some quantity of accountability. A judgment was agreed to between the family and the driver of the ATV, in excess of $2 million, for which the family would then seek to hold the insurance company responsible. I brought suit against the insurance company. The insurance company fought every step of the way. The case was eventually heard by the federal Ninth Circuit Court of appeals.  After years of litigation, the family prevailed. 

That family used the funds to help purchase and establish a home for youths in need. That is good coming from a tragedy. That is why I appreciate the opportunity to help people.

I will fight for your rights and to secure full compensation for the harms caused.