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People get hurt and die all too frequently caused by the negligence, fault, carelessness or recklessness of others. Sometimes by friends, other times by strangers. Whether you were injured by a faulty product, in a car accident, when skiing or snowboarding, or by any other negligent, reckless or wrongful conduct, I provide tough and aggressive representation aimed at moving cases forward and obtaining full compensation for my client's injuries. I represent real people with real problems such as brain injuries, burns, fractures, dislocations, knee injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis. I understand there are serious real life consequences for my clients, and I am ready, willing and able to protect their rights in court. If you or someone you love has been injured in case involving the following, I can help:

  • Serious or catastrophic injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or spinal cord trauma
  • Workplace injuries
  • Construction site accidents
  • Car wrecks, truck crashes or motorcycle collisions
  • Pedestrians injured by traffic
  • Hit and run
  • ATV, off-road vehicle, recreational activity, ski or snowmobile accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents or other premises liability claims
  • Dog bites and other domestic animal attacks
  • Injuries from assaults taking place in security buildings or parking lots
  • Dangerous or defective product injuries
  • "Toxic torts," where a group of people has been injured
  • Drunk-driver accidents and "dram shop liability" of people who unlawfully served drinks to someone who then drove drunk and caused an accident
  • Medical malpractice
  • Compensation for victims of crime
  • Compensation for victims of police misconduct
  • Wrongful death

I have represented individuals harmed as a result of many different scenarios, including automobile accidents, construction site accidents, product liability cases, sporting events, drunk driving accidents, bars and taverns over serving patrons, medical negligence, nursing errors, wrongful death claims, and much more .

One story might help illustrate my commitment to fight for my clients.  This case involved a young man who was over-served alcohol at a bar, while under the age of 21. He was tragically killed in a car accident after leaving the bar in his truck. The family wanted to hold the bar accountable. They sought my assistance.

The case was hard fought. The case went to a jury trial. The jury found the bar partially at fault for its actions, and the jury’s verdict was in excess of $3 million.  Most important to the family, however, was a measure of knowing that the bar had been held accountable…and, their hope that this bar and others like it would take their responsibilities seriously.

I will fight for your rights and to secure full compensation for the harms caused.