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Product liability refers to any injuries caused by a defective machine or consumer product. Many individuals do not understand their rights for pursuing compensation from manufacturing companies for defective product injuries, or they may feel overwhelmed by the thought of taking on big companies that may serve national or international markets.

I represent clients throughout Montana who have suffered serious personal injury as a result of defective products. As an experienced trial lawyer, I can help you and your family explore all your options for recovering compensation from negligent manufacturers, up to and including fighting for your rights court.

Products Liability and Third-Party Claims

Most of my product liability cases arise from injuries caused by defective machinery or equipment failures in specialized industries. If you were injured in a construction site accident or oil field accident resulting from defective equipment, I can help you pursue maximum compensation to which you are entitled from the negligent manufacturer in a third-party liability claim.

Third-party liability claims are filed separately from your workers' compensation claim. When you work with my firm, I will conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether you have cause to pursue a third-party liability claim for additional benefits such as long-term care expenses and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Other Product Liability Claims

In addition to work-related product liability claims, I also represent individuals who have been injured by:

  • Defective children's toys
  • Faulty electrical products
  • Defective or outdated household appliances
  • Weak or poorly constructed furniture and cabinetry
  • Toxic substances such as lead-based paint