About Buckley Law Office, P.C. in Bozeman, MT

Dan Buckley has been in practice for over 20 years. His focus on helping those who have suffered injury and harms through the negligence of others includes winning cases for medical malpractice, personal injury, construction injury law, products liability and insurance bad faith.
Dan is committed to helping accident injury victims and their families recover the maximum compensation to which they are entitled. Whether that means representing them in assertive negotiations, fighting for their rights in court or taking their claim to appeal, he strives to apply his practical trial experience and resources to help his clients achieve successful results. When you turn to Buckley Law Office for legal help, know that you are entrusting your case and life with an experienced attorney who takes your well-being and peace of mind seriously.
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Our promise to you:
"We are not compensated unless there is a successful recovery for you. Because we are selective in screening cases that have merit, we are committed at the outset to you. Our office will be in regular contact with you as the case progresses to keep you advised about it. We will prepare you for all significant events about your case well before they happen. We will help you make good decisions that are yours to make during the course of your case. We will not hesitate to utilize all available resources to present your case at every phase, including trial."
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